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A Welcome Letter From Mike Carr

As designer of the DAWN PATROL® game and head of the FIGHT IN THE SKIES Society, I’d like to welcome you to our web site. In the gaming world, DAWN PATROL enjoys a unique status because of its humble origins, long history and devoted group of enthusiasts. It also has its own player community, the FITS Society, which dates back to June of 1969, when the first issue of the AERODROME newsletter was published. To further add to this lore, FIGHT IN THE SKIES was played as the very first event at the inaugural GEN CON® game convention on August 24th, 1968 and has been played there every year since.

Weekly Online Games Available!

Join us online every week to play the online version of this historic game. Or, meetup with us at a face to face gaming event! For a full history and explanation of what Dawn Patrol and the Fight in the Skies Society is all about, visit this link: Introduction. Or, to learn how to join the FITS Society, visit this page: Joining FITS.
Keep 'em flying,
Mike Carr
Game Designer and Society Head
Submit Your Photos
The photos displayed above have all been contributed by FitS members. If you have WWI aviation or Dawn Patrol game play related photos you would like to have featured on the website, please click "Read More" to find out where to submit them.
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Submit Your Photos
You can submit your photos several ways. One would be via the FitS Forum under the Community tab on this website, or if you are a member, you can use the "Contribute a Photo" link found in the Members tab on the Main Menu.
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Play Online!
There are weekly opportunities to play a custom built online version of Dawn Patrol. Perfect your skills and advance your pilots for face to face gaming!
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Play Online!
To begin to play online, you can request an account by selecting Members > "Request Account to Play Dawn Patrol Online" from the main menu on this website.
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Join Our Forum
Connect with other players and get your questions about the game answered.
Join Our Forum
Find our Forum under the Community tab on the Main Menu of this website.
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A Gen Con Tradition
The Fight in the Skies Society has run Fight in the Skies a.k.a Dawn Patrol games at the Gen Con convention in Indianapolis, IN every year since its inception in 1968. A full slate of events is offered every year, so come and join the fun!
See Con Dates
Future Gen Con Dates
August 1 - 4, 2019
July 30 - August 2, 2020

See you at the con!
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Upcoming events:

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Alb D Va Kermit Weeks Video:

This is the exact same plane I had the privilege to see up close and in person at the 2018 Oshkosh EAA Airventure Show! -Ariana W.

Airdrome Aeroplanes

I had the privilege of seeing a partial collection of Airdrome Aeroplanes at the 2018 Oshkosh EAA Airventure Show. Here is a video from their website that you simply have to see. -Ariana W.

WWI Dogfight

Kermit Weeks and Gene Demarco

Be sure to check out the Indy Squadron website and Indy Squadron TV for an interview with Mike Carr and other Dawn Patrol related videos

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