There are two methods for joining the FIGHT IN THE SKIES Society. You can choose to select a membership using the members section of this website, or you can send a check in the mail to the society treasurer.

Option #1Pay Online! – First, you must register as a user on this website. Once you are a registered user, you must click on the Members tab on the Main Menu of this website. Select the appropriate membership product based on your home location (USA, Canada, or Outside North America). Once you select a product, the process is fairly straightforward, just complete the steps as presented. Payments are processed by Paypal.

Note: The cost to ship the society newsletter outside the United States is the reason for the additional cost on the membership plans.

Option #2Pay by Mail – Currently, membership via mail-in signup in the FIGHT IN THE SKIES Society, which includes a subscription to the AERODROME, costs US $15 per calendar year (note: dependent on geographic location), and back issues of the AERODROME (issues #88 through #178) are US $3.00 each or just $2.00 each if a dozen or more are purchased. Inquiries regarding payments or mail-in membership registration should be directed to the Treasurer of the Society, Jeff Patyk, using this link: Contact the Treasurer.